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Do You Want to Lose Fat and Feel Strong, While Reducing Pain, Increasing Energy and Feeling Young Again?

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Before we take you through a workout, we first want to take the time to find out what you specifically need by performing your Body Temple Fitness Body Blueprint. This blueprint is the very specific plans that we will use to design the program to get you to your individual goals. Every single person who works out at Body Temple Fitness has a Blueprint designed for them.

During your Body Temple Fitness Body Blueprint Consultation we will learn about your health history, any past injuries, your training history along with your specific goals. We will also take you through a range of motion and flexibility evaluation and the base of our blueprint – The Functional Movement Screen.

During The Functional Movement Screen we will have you perform basic movements and we will find out exactly where your program should start and what it should include to get you started right. For example, we will learn about any imbalances you may have that could eventually cause an injury.

We also look at your movement through the neuroscience lens of Z Health Performance Solutions, we’re better able to “unlock” the secret to your neurology and help you find the fitness approach that will give you the results you’re looking for. As we have seen with the re-emerging popularity of kettlebells and barbells, exercise tools and choices come, go, and return. With our current knowledge of the brain and its effect on function, what needs to evolve is our approach to health, fitness, and the application of these tools. Change occurs in the body at the speed of our nervous system: 300 miles per hour! We use this instant feedback to ensure that we are helping to progress our clients closer to their goals- be it exercise choice, style, nutrition, or supplements- and not setting them back. Our approach is holistic and leaves no stone unturned. You no longer have to wait until you’ve completed a 16-week program to see whether or not it’s working for you!

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