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Our Mission

Body Temple Fitness exists to motivate, educate, and inspire people to reach optimal levels of performance and balance in life. We are passionate about changing the way fitness is done, and transforming lives by empowering people to reach their full potential.

Everyone is an athlete – including you! If your main activity is sitting at a computer screen or flying from city to city for meetings, you depend on your body to be able to continue to do whatever you need to do. And, whatever it is you do, you need to be physically and mentally good at it. Like any athlete, you will not be as effective if you are distracted by pain. If your movement or sitting posture is improper, you are laying the groundwork for future problems. If movement patterns improve, you are laying the groundwork for a long, healthy and productive life. Your body will affect your performance no matter what you do. You are an athlete!
 You are the focus – The diagram below shows the many attributes that need to be developed in all of us. This is the 9S personal development model from Z-Health that we have adopted. At Body Temple Fitness we assess what attributes you need to develop and in what dose. Every person is different; every person will need a different mix and approach. Whether you work at a computer or are a world-class athlete, you are the center of everything we do. Using this model for training allows for an unlimited level of personalization.

Our program is comprehensive – The diagram shows the range of skill set we draw from. But, we are not just training. We offer education about the what and the why of what we do; explaining the science behind it so you can understand why our approach works. The more you know, the more effective we can be and the better results you will receive. One of our core values is Learn and improve always…embrace change! That includes our clients too!

Body Temple Fitness Core Values:

 I : Integrity, Always choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.

N: Never give up on your dreams

T : Team – together everyone achieves more.

E : Expect Personal Growth in all aspects of your life. This is an area we at BTF are truly passionate about. Personal growth is the motivation to wake up everyday knowing we can get a little better. At BTF we are constantly learning in the areas of strength and conditioning education, nutrition education, personal development, business, marketing, time management and organization. We will resonate our knowledge to all of our members giving them the best and most complete training program.

G : Goal and People Oriented, The person and/or team that sets their goals and do anything to achieve it. They are willing to take risks to achieve their dreams. Anyone can set a goal but it requires hard work, dedication, and belief, with courage to accomplish them. We at BTF strive to be goal-oriented individuals that are always learning and have an aspiration to be better.

R : Respect each other

I : Inspire, We ALL inspire someone

T : Teachable, willing to listen and except instruction and feedback

Y : Believe in Yourself: At BTF believing in yourself is the first step to be successful in your fitness program and career. Believing in yourself is how you can continue to accomplish gains in performance. If you show up to the gym and lack confidence and you do not believe that you can accomplish your goals then you will not progress. If you continuously believe in your abilities, the results will come.

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