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“Terri is the most knowledgeable and smartest trainer I have ever worked with. She understands biomechanics and anatomy intuitively and applies that to each person’s exercise program. She is always coaching technique and changing things to keep it interesting and challenging. I have sent several of my patients to her and they universally have done remarkably well.”

Dr. Eric Hanson, Orthopedic Surgeon
Sierra Pacific Orthopedic Center

“I have been working with Terri at Body Temple Fitness for over a year now, I have noticed improvement in my general core strength and flexibility. I started as a “Stone Man” with strength in my extremities and very weak core strength. I have been without a major injury in sporting activities due in large part to my new found core strength and flexibility. In addition, I have noticed improved distance hitting the golf ball. I now snow ski effortlessly and enjoy it even more which is saying a lot since I have always loved snow skiing. Last year’s ski season I was able to go back to skiing the bumps, which I had previously avoided for years. Great job Terri!”

Dr. Bill Carveth

I have been woring out for over 30 years but training with Terri for just several months did not only I improve me physically but I have been inspired to work harder. Terri is extremely knowledgeable and educates you while she works. She can make the most intense workout fun. Thank you Terri, you rock!

Dina Kassel, Registered Nurse
Kaiser Permanente
Project Coordinator in Quality

I was a very active, energetic child. I was always involved in school sports. I married soon after high school and my priorities and lifestyle had to change. Unfortunately, taking care of my body was not a top priority. Working three jobs, going to school full-time, and taking care of my husband, left me with little time and energy to devote to my physical well being.

Two years into our marriage went by quickly, and in that period of time I had gained thirty pounds. It made me feel so disappointed in myself. I decided that I needed to do some-thing to change. After talking with my husband, we decided that finding a personal trainer would be the best solution. I felt I really needed someone to help motivate me.

After meeting several trainers, I knew Terri was the right trainer for me. Terri has an upbeat, exciting, and confident personality. She is knowledgeable in every aspect of physical fitness. She took the time to get to know me, find out my fitness goals, and put together a plan to reach those goals. Every training session is new, challenging, and rewarding. There are sometimes I go to training feeling so worn-out from the day, but she always motivates me to do my best, and to keep going. I was amazed at how quickly I saw changes in my body. It also surprised me how working out really affected every aspect of my life. I have more energy at work, I am more focused at school, and I am in a better mood at home. I thank Terri for helping me put working out on my top priority list, and for helping me gain the confidence I needed to succeed in attaining my goals. In the last 2 months, I have lost inches and 11.5 pounds!

Brooke Tucker

I walk three miles everyday. After a short time of working out at Body Temple Fitness with Terri I noticed an improvement in my walking. I had no idea that the stretching I do with her can make such a difference. I hiked at Yosemite during Christmas and had no difficulty! I actually ran most of the way down. I find that working out gives me energy and I’m losing those wrinkles on my upper arms. It is truly amazing! I don’t expect to ever stop.

Willie Vogt

I cannot believe the difference in my life, after only two months at Body Temple Fitness with Terri I feel so much better. The incapacitating radiating pain is gone, the nighttime joint stiffness is gone; I sleep better than I have in years, my posture is better and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am doing something to take care of myself.

Susan Hipp

What a difference a year makes! That is about how long I have been training at the gym with Terri. I joinedwith the encouragement by my friend, Dina. I can't believe how strong I have gotten. When I joined the gym, I could not do a single push up. Now I can do them for the 30 - 40 seconds during our work out. Some days I can do more than others, but I can do a lot more than 1! When I joined the gym, my husband and I were planning a trip. I was hoping to lose some weight. I lost 18 pounds before leaving on our trip. I was able to fit into clothes I had not worn in years. What a great feeling that was. Overall, I just feel better. There are some days I have to talk myself into going to work out, but after I do, I am so happy I did, because I feelso much better. Terri is a great coach and motivator.I love working out with her, and appreciate how great I feel overall. Thank you Terri for being such a great coach, and thank you Dina for our friendly competition!!

Elaine Long

I found Body Temple Fitness through a Living Social deal online. The classes were intense I was pushed to reach my best for each and every class. As the month wore on, I found myself with more endurance and stamina and the pounds were starting to come off. At the end of the month, I competed in a Decathlon event with running and biking and was able to finish. Body Temple Fitness is a great individualized experience and is much more personal and able to meet your needs than the typical gym. I just signed up for a membership and I am sure that I will undergo much more transformation within the next few months. Thanks Terri!

Stephanie East


Three months ago, I was in the worst shape of my life. I used to be relatively active and loved hiking. But over the years, I slowly gained weight and became increasingly sedentary. I knew I needed help butavoided gyms like the plague. I was highly intimidated by them and had the impression they were all cold and impersonal. I tried to workout at home, but lacked motivation and direction. Thankfully, with the encouragement of my good friend, I gave Body Temple Fitness a try and immediately became hooked.

The environment created by Terri and Joey is awesome! They provide an immeasurable amount of support, encouragement and personal attention.The metabolic classes are challenging, but so much fun they actually fly by. Within two months of working with Joey and Terri, I saw considerable improvement with my endurance, strength and overall physical appearance. I am now able to fit into clothes I had been unable to wear for years. Overall, I feel healthier, more energetic and confident, so much that I decided to tackle my first half marathon. Thank you both for helping make my new lifestyle transformation a reality!

-Gina Clarke, 

Kaiser Permanente

Quality Management

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